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Interestingly, within the liner notes Sanford states that the music for this piece was impressed by Pierre Boulez’ Repons and Olivier Messiaen’s St, Francis of Assisi, and it sounds it. Little if any of the particular music of this 12-minute piece derives from black music; it uses atonality and microtonalism to precise his angst, though there are moments of lyrical music here and there which act as a quick lived foil to the primarily microtonal structure of the work. Eric Nathan (b. 1983) is an American composer who, like most dwelling composers these days, apparently had no birthplace and no upbringing. He just sprang full-blown on the world of music, in accordance with his “bio” (why don’t they just be trustworthy and call them “puff blurbs”?).

The numbering system for CDs …

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